Three Live Videos from the Maldon Folk Festival, November 2023.

“A Song in My Heart”

“I’m Chipping Away at This War”

“One Day You Just Wake Up and You’re Old”

“Tell Me About Woody Again” Is George’s song about the impact of Woody Guthrie’s songs on people, from the CD “This Chain.”

“Down in the Dumps Tonight” is the first video from “This Chain,” the new CD.

George Mann – New Album “This Chain” – Paradigms Podcast

“Donnie Took a Dump All Over Twitter” from the 2020 album “The Coronavirus Sessions!” A few months later, Twitter took a dump all over Twitter, that is, when it still had standards… a great video shot with Michael Wellen and Doug Robinson, featuring Doug and Rich DePaolo each getting a verse!

“A Song in My Heart” is the opening song on the 2020 album “The Coronavirus Sessions.” Featuring Mary Brett Lorson and Rich DePaolo on harmonies.

George and Rik Palieri produced the CD “The Almanac Trail” in 2013 and embarked on a concert tour that saw them do 26 gigs in 32 days and drive 9,200 miles, from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, Tacoma to Buffalo! All of this was to celebrate the music of Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie and The Almanac Singers. This video is from August 2013 in Madison, Wisconsin.

This video, released in February 2015, is for George’s song “Beautiful Blond Babies” from the “Portraits” CD. Chris Chandler shot and produced this video, Marty Confurius is featured on cello, Molly MacMillan on piano, and Marie Burns on harmonies.

George sings “Welcome Home” and tells the story of Julius Margolin’s last months in this performance recorded at Humph Hall, Australia, in 2012.

George performs “This Beautiful Child” at the Illawarra Folk Club concert in honor of Pete Seeger, February 7, 2014, in Wollongong, Australia.

The poet/songwriter/video artist and storyteller Chris Chandler has created videos for three of George’s songs: “Streams of Gold” from both the Until You Come Home veterans CD compilation and George’s Songs for Jules and Bruce CD. This song deals with the effects of war on soldiers, and efforts to help soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder.

“I’m Chipping Away at This War” is from George’s “Into the Fire” CD and also addresses the issue of soldiers trying to readjust to life after wartime service.

“I Remember Winter” is the first video that Chandler made for George (in 2008!) and focuses on the subject of global warming. Shot in and around New York City, where George lived at the time.

George toured Australia in 2011 and these videos were shot by Wayne Richmond at Humph Hall near Sydney. The three songs featured are “Streams of Gold,” “This Beautiful Child” and “Cancer Changes Everything,” which George had just written two days earlier.

George shot this video at home while working on “The Union Made Me Strong” from the “Patience in These Times” CD and the CD covers feature many of his friends and mentors among labor/protest singers.

This video was shot at Wilburland Studios, where George recorded “Cancer Changes Everything,” a song written during his first tour of Australia in 2011.

This is a link to George’s “youtube channel” and if you click on the word “playlists” you can see live videos of George and Julius over the years.