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George here; this has been a solo act for almost ten years now….

Julius Margolin died on August 24, 2009 at the age of 93. He did not want for love, friends
or appreciation in his final battle against the leukemia and cancer he’d fought for so long.
Thanks to everyone for their love and support.

We come from the labor/folk tradition, and have sung for unions, churches,
peace and justice groups, bars and coffeehouses, and veterans’ and nursing homes since 1999.
We hoped to keep singing for many more years, at least until Julius hit 100.
But now it’s just me and I will carry on the story of Julius’ life and spirit.


George’s new CD “The Coronavirus Sessions” is coming in October, just in time for the election!

There will be links for online listening and purchase… basic info on home page for the time being. And no touring planned, everything has been scrubbed through early next year, at the least.

Also check out UNTIL YOU COME HOME: Songs to Heal the Wounds of War

Click on the link:
George produced these compilation CDs with many great folksingers contributing their songs. A second compilation CD was released in November 2016.

The documentary DVD “A Union Man: The Life and Work of Julius Margolin” is done and available online at our store or through our mail order form. Click back for order forms, links to audio, etc.

Our older CDs/DVD can be bought for $15 each or any two for $25 (includes postage). BTW, that deal extends to any 3 CDs for $36, 4 for $47, 5 for $58, etc. Send a check/money order to:

George Mann, PO Box 435, Ithaca, NY 14851.
International orders, please add $5 US for airmail.

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We can also mail CDs as gifts, just send the info with your order! The cheapest way
is directly by mail or through our online store: We can also mail CDs as gifts, just send
the info with your order! The cheapest way is directly from us by mail or through our
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George travels as much as time, health and economics allow.
Available as a solo act or with other musicians if funds allow! He plays everything from union rallies to cafes, churches and private house parties. If you want George to come to your town, it’s as easy as asking.