Jan 03 2013

I knew this clearly during the last couple of years that I lived in New York City: I had to get out, and soon, in order to take my music to the next step… and in order to handle the stress of this work and being on the road. After Julius Margolin, my longtime singing partner, passed on in 2009 after 93 years of fighting for the working class, I began plotting my escape….

Leaving New York City after 14 years, and living in a quieter, far more peaceful environment, has produced these songs, all written since my last CD. I am also very happy to sing some of my favorite songs from the vast canon of labor music, and bring Julius out for one more encore performance.

I send thanks and greetings to all the DJs, folk promoters, activists and friends who have supported and sustained me and this music. These songs exist partly because I have been able to live the life of a traveling folksinger during the last few years, meeting new people and hearing about people organizing unions, resisting corporate control of their lives, and protesting wars waged by friend and foe alike. Julius and I always saw part of our mission as singing for these activists, giving them a shot in their arms during long and difficult struggles, while we found inspiration and support simply because we sang and produced music for them! So hello to all of you, and you know who you are, as does the government….

Will Russell and Electric Wilburland Studios have been incredibly kind to me and this music. Thanks to the musicians and singers who are on these tracks: you smooth my rough edges, enough said! Thank you also to the folk and community radio DJs who soldier on, bringing this powerful music to people everywhere who are searching for songs that pull at their hearts and minds. I hope some of these songs achieve that goal.

Please check out www.georgemann.org for more about my music. You can find me on YouTube and Facebook or contact me at  georgemann@att.net for info, questions, bookings and advice.

This album is for Diane Bidermann, Anne Feeney, and Faith Petric.


George Mann

Ithaca, NY, March 2012


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