Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been making music, “seriously,” since 1998, when I teamed up with Julius Margolin and began a decade of fun and frustration, singing for the cause of unions and in eight years of protest against a stolen election and illegal president. Julius never once would concede that George Bush was president…. I accepted it and fought. We produced three CDs of our music and four CDs in the “Hail to the Thief” compilation series that ended, thankfully, with “Farewell to the Thief!” in 2008.

Along the way, we made a film about Julius (“A Union Man”), got to know some wonderful people and musicians, and played for people on both coasts and in between. When Julius faced his final illness in the summer of 2009, he did so with the love and support from literally hundreds of people all over the world who knew of his dedication, determination, and love for the struggle. Julius died on August 24, 2009, one week after his 93rd birthday, leaving me as a solo act. But he is and will always be a part of my work and he has left an impressive body of work on his own. See for more info about our work together.

In 2010, I released a solo CD, “Songs for Jules and Bruce,” and the veterans CD compilation “Until You Come Home.” You can find out more about this compilation of songs that speaks of the horrors of war and the struggle of our military families at

My newest CD “For the Road and the Sky is being release in October 2016, see info under the “Music” button. We have added both a photos and videos page and the “News & Gigs” page is updated regularly.

Thanks so much to Debbie Wager for the website work and design!

Please feel free to e-mail me at with any questions, comments, thoughts, etc., and especially if you or your union, organization or group are interested in booking a concert or showing of the film “A Union Man.”

I hope to see you this year as I am out and about.

-George Mann